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6th Sense at Trichy focuses to make the classes interesting with interaction and the materials turnout as an unsurpassed backing so that you can get viable GRE scores, as this is a significant component of the graduate school admissions process. 6th Sense offers ample classroom and ever demanding online portal support for GRE. This course has been structured and sketched by the foremost educational wizards. Faculties carry more than a decade of industry experience and are very competitive.

We offer compelling and coherent classes for GRE at 6th Sense. The GRE curriculum comprises of imparting training for GRE on AWA (Argument Essay and Issue Essay), GRE Quant, GRE Verbal, and Flash Card to easily learn the arduous vocabulary and techniques to reinstate during the Mock test as well as on the real GRE General Test. These words are often repeated in the real-time GRE.

Online and Offline Resources:

Students will be stocked with the following course material.
  • i) GRE Classroom book guide from 6th Sense.
  • ii) Flash Card for Vocabulary
  • iii) ETS Official Guide
  • iv) Online Portal with 6 Practice tests.

At 6th Sense, we offer classes for both GRE General Tests and GR Subject Tests.

GRE General Test:-

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination, and the test is administered by a Non-Profit Organization known as ETS (Education Testing System). The GRE score is widely accepted by all top universities globally.

Who can take?

By not halting with UG and proceeding to the idea of pursuing higher studies indeed creates abundant employment opportunities and many times even entrepreneurs. In fact, the above-said fact is proven by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Choosing between an advanced degree and job had always been the herculean task. If you have opted to graduate in a business school or engineering, then it is definitely possible with GR General Test. As a test taker, you can send your scores to 5 different universities free of cost, but if you feel you haven't given your best, then you can retake the test and decide on which score you want the schools to view by means of Score Select option.

In addition, the interesting feature of this test is, you can skip questions within a section, go back and forth to change the answers, and decide on which question to answer first within a section.

Test Format:

There are totally six sections and they are:
  • 1.Analytical Writing Assessment – 1 section (Argument essay and Issue essay)
  • 2.Verbal Reasoning - 2 sections
  • 3.Quantitative Reasoning - 2 sections
  • 4.Unscored or Experimental – 1 section(Not Accounted in the GRE Score)

Question Types:

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE General Test contains three types of questions:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Text Completion
  • Sentence Equivalence
The Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE® General Test contains four types of questions:
  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One Answer Choice
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One or More Answer Choices
  • Numeric Entry Questions
Who can take?

Prospective graduate and business school applicants from all around the world who are interested in pursuing a master's, MBA, specialized master's in business, or doctoral degree can take the GRE General Test. Applicants walk in from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and the GRE General Test caters schools with a yardstick for comparing students' education.

Scores Reported on the GRE General Test


Score Scale

Verbal Reasoning

130-170, in 1 point increments

Quantitative Reasoning

130-170, in 1 point increments

Analytical Writing

0-6, in half point increments

The first section of Verbal and Quantitative are of medium type difficulty questions, so, it becomes imperative that the best to be given, as your performance in this section determines the difficulty level of the second section. Questions of high difficulty which are answered right tend to get a higher score than the medium and low types.

GRE Subject Tests:

The GRE Subject Tests are achievement tests that measure your knowledge of a particular field of study.

Show what you know about a specific subject and graduate schools will take notice. The Subject Tests can help you stand out from other applicants by emphasizing your knowledge and skill level in a specific area.

Each Subject Test is intended for students who have an undergraduate major or extensive background in one of these six disciplines:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology